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About us

Hunting abroad is unforgettable experience, which attracts a good number of hunters. Besides, an exotic trophy makes a perfect addition to the interior of any trophy hall. However, before hanging the result of next successful hunt on the wall, one faces a number of difficulties, connected with the process of shipping and custom clearance of the trophies to Russia. This procedure takes much time and energy, which can significantly cloud the impressions of the journey.

Our team assists the hunters to avoid the complications, connected with the trophy shipment to Russia. We keep finger on the pulse of all possible changes of terms and conditions, such as import/export restrictions, new actions of the society of animal protection, or the refusal of the airline to ship the trophies right before the shipping.

By entrusting your trophies’ shipment to Safari Cargo Rus you ease yourself from additional troubles. We provide a full package of services, including the custom documentation, dipping, transportational and warehouse logistics, legal advice and insurance of the consignment. Name the country of origin and send the list of trophies – we will take care of the rest.